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24 Apr 2014:    Book Review: The Thing Ben Forgot coin icon

30 Jan 2014:   Health Insurance… An Unhappy Update

28 Jan 2014:   A Kodak Moment coin icon

18 Dec 2013:  Donna’s Ten Tips for Personal Philanthropy coin icon

14 Dec 2013:  What if the Health Insurance Companies were based in Silicon Valley?

03 Dec 2013:  Why is a no-punt strategy in football like being an entrepreneur?

01 Dec 2013:  Charity and shopping …. really?

28 Nov 2013:  Welcome to my blog

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  1. Eric Baelen
    Eric Baelen at · Reply

    The blog on charitable giving is worth more than 100 times the cost. And your first act of “charity” is included. How wonderful /Eric

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