About CoinTent

Part of the reason that I am writing this blog is to be an alpha tester for CoinTent, my nephew Brad Ross’ exciting new business (www.cointent.com).  CoinTent’s mission is to improve monetization of high quality digital content through  micropayments.  Today content creators can monetize either through subscriptions or advertisements, but both models are challenging.  Micropayments offers a third option, enabling a low friction way for consumers to pay for quality content.

As I write this blog, some of my posts will require a micropayment.  This will enable us to test the flows and the messaging of the CoinTent service.  We welcome your feedback as you try it out (feedback@cointent.com).  To be clear, I’m not charging money in order to earn revenue myself, so any proceeds will be donated to one of my many philanthropic activities.  I hope you’ll help by setting up an account, and paying these small amounts.  Let me know what you think!

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